School Cafeteria Improvement Project – Moldova

Moldova MapThis is a part of a larger project to improve a school kitchen and cafeteria. Our participation will be to provide new fixtures and improve the plumbing and drainage system.

This school, in partnership with the community and the Mayor’s office, has previously completed a number of capacity-building projects, including providing new bathroom facilities. School windows were replaced with efficient ones, and an intercom is presently being installed.

In conjunction with the repairs, personal hygiene seminars were conducted with the students.

The community is continuing with various other improvements, such as fixing the potable water system and repairing the cultural center.

This project is being carried out under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Martin Ellinger-Locke.

Moldova Landscape

The project is consistent with our objective to provide the “last dollar” needed for a project to get underway. As a part of a larger school and community effort, there is benefit in the synergy created by doing a number of improvements at once.

Finally, there is the benefit achieved from “fixing”, rather than building from scratch, as a huge impact is obtained from minimal dollars spent.

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This project has been completed. To read about the conclusion of the project, CLICK HERE.

We are still accepting donations for this project. Any additional funds received will be allocated to follow-up project by Martin and/or a project by his PCV counterparts in Moldova.